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Genoa Aqueduct: from Cavassolo to San Siro


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As mentioned in this article, the Genoa Aqueduc is an ancient architectural structure located in the Val Bisagno, which has ensured the water supply of the city of Genoa and its port for centuries.

In this article, we will describe the itinerary that starts at Cavassolo in the upper Val Bisagno and ends at the parish church of San Siro di Struppa. along an approximately 4 km long, almost flat path.

The route is not a ring-route, so on the return you will have to retrace the outward path for a total of 8 km.

Itinerary on the Historical Aqueduct of Genoa

Cavassolo Itinerary ➜ Parish of San Siro di Struppa

Our walk on the Genoa Aqueduct starts from the Cavassolo bridge.

Having parked the car in Cavassolo, we cross the Ponte Canale bridge over the Torbido stream.

Over 100 metres long and more than 35 metres high, the Ponte Canale bridge over Rio Torbido represents the most demanding work of the entire 17th-century extension of the aqueduct.

Its spans measure 11 metres in diameter and the last two in the direction of the city, have a particular angle so as to connect the route with the slope towards San Siro.

ponte canale sul rio torbido
Genoa Aqueduct: from Cavassolo to San Siro
cavassolo bridge

After crossing the bridge, one continues to the left on an easy level path.

Along the way, you can take a look at the ruins of the Oratorio di San Rocco (our daughter sneaked inside immediately, but be careful because it is rather unsafe) and the Galleria della Rovinata.

The latter was designed by Carlo Barabino, one of Genoa’s most important architects, whose works include the Carlo Felice Theatre.

The Rovinata Tunnel, 148 m long, was built at Ruinà to allow water taken from the Bisagno to bypass the landslide created in the 1822 flood.

Along the way we encountered some sheep, to which we fed some grass; being late January, we were able to appreciate some colourful mimosa plants.

oratorio di san rocco
galleria della rovinata
Genoa Aqueduct: from Cavassolo to San Siro
Genoa Aqueduct: from Cavassolo to San Siro

About 4 km after the start of our walk, we arrive at the Parish of San Siro di Struppa.

Parish of San Siro di Struppa

The Parish of San Siro di Struppa is certainly one of the most beautiful churches in Genoa.

It is an ancient Benedictine abbey erected in the Middle Ages along the Val Bisagno road. The building retained its original Romanesque structure until the end of the 16th century, after which it underwent various modifications.

The church has a beautiful churchyard embellished with an ancient mosaic (risseu) of black and white stones and the interior is divided into three naves bordered by two series of columns topped by ornamentless capitals. It is flanked by an elegant 32-metre high bell tower.


Genoa Aqueduct: from Cavassolo to San Siro. Where to eat

The only eatery on Genoa’s Ancient Historical Aqueduct is Maixei – you can find more information in this article – but by making small detours you can reach several excellent restaurants.

Near the parish church of San Siro di Struppa, you will find Piro Antica Trattoria: an exceptional location in green and peaceful surroundings, traditional and revisited dishes, high price. From Sunday to Wednesday open only for lunch, the other days for lunch and dinner.

About 400 metres from the parish church, we find L’osteria della triglia: very fresh fish dishes, high bill (but in line with the quality). Open for lunch only at weekends, closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

For a farinata con i fiocchi (only in the evening), Ligalupo Riccardo in Salita S. Cosimo di Struppa; open Thursday to Sunday.

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