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Corso Italia promenade


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Corso Italia is the promenade i.e., the seaside promenade that connects the Foce area with the village of Boccadasse. On Sundays it is taken by storm by Genoese who walk along it to simply take a walk while breathing in the salty air or to take the children on skates or bicycles, stopping to eat an ice cream along the way.


There is a bicycle path that starts from Piazza De Ferrari and runs along Corso Italia to the village of Boccadasse.

Just near Boccadasse, there is a store that rents bicycles and skates.

How to get there and where to park

Corso Italia begins at the Sea Fair in Piazzale JFKennedy and, always following the shoreline, continues for about 3 km, finally ending in the village of Boccadasse.

On foot – From Piazzale Brignole to Piazzale JFKennedy is a 2 km walk.

By bus – From Piazza Brignole, you have to take bus number 31, which takes about 10 minutes to Foce (get off at Marconi 1 / Fiera stop).

By car – The nearest highway exit is Genova Ovest. Piazzale JFKennedy at the Foce, which hosts the Winter Park in December/January and June/July, becomes a large free parking lot the rest of the year. Alternatively, one can look for space in the inner streets of the neighborhood.

What to do with children in Corso Italia

Corso Italia genoa
Saltellando in Corso Italia
Sunset over the Portofino Promontory from Corso Italia
Sunset over the Portofino Promontory from Corso Italia

The pavement of Corso Italia consists of alternating lighter brick-colored tiles with darker colored tiles, in some places joined together to draw a compass rose. Our daughter enjoys looking for them and jumping around inside them.

Along the way there are several interesting buildings such as the Church of Saints Peter and Bernard at the Foce, the Abbey of San Giuliano (a Romanesque-Gothic style church consisting of a convent, church and small cloister), Fort San Giuliano, the remains of the Vagno battery (defending the port of Genoa, on the cliffs of Punta Vagno), a small lighthouse also at Punta Vagno, still active, and several playgrounds that will be of great interest to the little ones!

Church of Saints Peter and Bernard at the Mouth
Church of Saints Peter and Bernard at the Mouth
Admission to "Mondo Bimbo" games
Admission to “Mondo Bimbo” games
Mondo Bimbo
Mondo Bimbo
Games Mondo Bimbo
Games Mondo Bimbo

The first playground that can be found along the route is the one in Rossetti Square in front of Piazzale JFKennedy; continuing along the waterfront, after about a mile and a half, you can take Via Mario Cappello, which leads to a paid playground consisting of a small track with toy cars and wonderful inflatables (Mondo Bimbo), and from there continuing to the Gilberto Govi Gardens you can find a space equipped for skateboarding and skating.

➽ Fees to play at Mondo Bimbo‘s are 5 euros for half an hour, 8 euros one hour; after 10 entries a half-hour entry is given away.

Where to go to the beach in Corso Italia

Several free beaches can be found along the Corso Italia promenade: our favorite is San Giuliano beach (located about 2 1/2 km from the start). You have to take Lungomare Lombardo, which is the pedestrian street that goes down to the sea and leads precisely to the small beach. Here you can rent sunbeds at Stelli’s by the sea (it is also a good place to have a bite to eat).

Bagni Squash – This is a year-round bathing establishment equipped with a swimming pool, children’s playground and bar/restaurant. Perfect for families who want to relax while the children play.

Update: For the past few years, the municipality has provided a free-access beach whose entrance is through the Squash baths.

What to eat in Corso Italia

Along the way you can find several excellent ice cream parlors, bathing establishments with a nice terrace overlooking the sea (Squash), and somewhat finer restaurants such as Santa Monica on Lungomare Lombardo.

To eat a slice of pizza or a hamburger with fries while sitting on the small terrace overlooking the sea, you can go to Fokaccia on Mario Cappello Street.



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