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The Woodland Museum at Lame Lake, Val d’Aveto


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Lame Lake is a small glacial lake located in Rezzoaglio, in the Aveto Regional Nature Park. We have talked about it extensively here.

A stone’s throw from the lake, under a beautiful faggette, is the Woodland Museum, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the forests of the Aveto Park, their ancient history and their future.

Since 2017, the Woodland Museum has been part of the National Association of Small Museums. Come and discover it with us!

Woodland Museum at Lame Lake, Val d’Aveto: what to see

Woodland Museum

The Woodland Museum al Lame Lake, was created with the idea of bringing both adults and children closer to the history of the woods in the area, hence the territory of the Val d’Aveto, through the exhibition of artefacts, finds, and forestry tools.

It sets itself the task of educating people to understand the forest, enhancing the forest heritage and celebrating the identity of the local population which, by necessity, is closely linked to the forest and its products.

In this way, an attempt is made to recover the activities and knowledge of the past and to experiment with innovative working practices in the forest.

Woodland Museum at Lame Lake, Val d’Aveto: visit route

A walk through this wood, transformed to all intents and purposes into an open-air museum, where children and adults can learn in detail about wood and its uses, thanks to the information boards.

The Woodland Museum essentially consists of three exhibition areas: the Play and Knowledge Area, the Nature Area, and the Work in the Woodland Area.

In the Play Area one can find wooden toys and animals carved out of logs. It is an open-air space, dedicated to the youngest children. Here you will also find a sort of sensory path, i.e. a short stretch where tree leaves, needles, pine cones, and bark become a sort of carpet where you can walk barefoot!

The Nature Area, on the other hand, houses the reconstruction of the dens and nests of the inhabitants of the forest such as the wolf, wild boar, woodpecker, badger, squirrel, etc.

Also very interesting is the Way of Foot prints, i.e. the cast on ecological cement of footprints of species living in the forest.

Lastly, the Work Area where you can observe the tools used by woodcutters and understand what they were used for.

➠It may be useful to know that the prehistoric remains found in the Lame forest are on display at the MUSEL (Archaeological and City Museum) in Sestri Levante.

Woodland Museum

How to reach the Woodland Museum

The Woodland Museum is located near Lame Lake in Rezzoaglio, which is just under 2 hours from Genoa.

You can choose to drive along the Valfontanabuona, continuing to Passo della Scoglina, Cabanne, Rezzoaglio, Lame Lake.

Or you can take the Genova – Rosignano motorway and exit at the Lavagna exit. Then continue in the direction of Carasco, Cabanne, Rezzoaglio, Lame Lake.

Useful information

The Woodland Museum consists of two parts: the exhibition areas, which are outdoors and can always be visited, and the casermetta museum, which is only open on weekends during the summer period.

For up-to-date timetables, take a look at the official Aveto Park website, or call 0185/343370 – 0185/870171. Admission is free.

lago lame
The Lake of the Blades

Where to eat at Lame Lake

Next to the entrance to the Museo del Bosco, there are a few tables with benches where you can have a picnic. Otherwise you can reserve a table at the Lame Lake Hotel and Restaurant.

In the summertime, you can also sit at the restaurant’s outdoor tables, located in front of the lake. In this case, however, you can only eat meat cooked on the barbecue.

Reservations are strongly recommended on 0185 1908033348 3947872.

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