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Trekking to the Ravezza Waterfall


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In our ongoing search for the most beautiful treks to do with children, we headed for Val d’Aveto, and more precisely Lame Lake, to begin our short but interesting hike to the Ravezza waterfall.

This is an undemanding trek whose estimated time is 50 minutes (us 1h) which, with several ups and downs, leads us to see a small waterfall located in an unspoilt natural environment.

Along the way, we met a lot of children, which led us to assume that the Ravezza waterfall was a popular destination for families.

Right in front of the waterfall, in a panoramic position, there is a nice bench where you can stop for a picnic, or you can go to the waterfall and return in time to have lunch at the Hotel Ristorante Lago delle Lame.

Trekking to the Ravezza waterfall: Lame Lake

lago lame

We know Lame Lake very well because this is where we celebrated our wedding and it is truly a heavenly place, absolutely to be seen at least once in a lifetime (and afterwards you can’t help but return).

Below are the technical specifications and route description for organising your excursion to the Ravezza waterfall, starting from Lago delle Lame.

Technical specifications

Departure altitude: 1085 metres

Arrival altitude: about 1080

Height difference: 210 metres

Length of route: 4600 metres (total)

Time taken: 1h outward and 1h return

Signposts: horizontal yellow line

Trekking to the Ravezza waterfall: route

hotel restaurant lago delle lame
the start
Trekking to the Ravezza Waterfall
Trekking to the Ravezza Waterfall

Park near the Hotel Ristorante Lago delle Lame where the asphalt road ends and continue along the path leading to the Hotel Restaurant, keeping the lake on your right.

Go past the restaurant and continue on the little path that curves to the left, marked by the yellow line marker, and runs alongside the camping site.

The path is always well signposted except at one point where the markings remain somewhat hidden. In any case, don’t worry if you continue on the ‘wrong’ path because it rejoins the main one shortly afterwards.

The first part of the hike is almost entirely downhill and does not present any particular difficulties.

You arrive at the stream that you have to cross and from there the second part begins, uphill this time, which leads to the waterfall.

The path is always quite wide and can be walked easily even by small children. Just pay attention to the last stretch leading to the waterfall because at that point it narrows and becomes very steep.

When you begin to hear the roar of the water in the distance, it means you are almost there. Right at the top of the slope and in front of the waterfall, you will find a bench in a panoramic position.

From the bench, a steep descent begins, which in less than a minute will take you to the foot of the waterfall whose waterfall is over ten metres high. Be careful with children on this last stretch, which is very steep and quite slippery.

At the foot of the waterfall, there is a beautiful natural pond with very fresh water and several boulders where you can sit and have a picnic lunch.

We return by retracing the outward path.

waterfall from the peak
Trekking to the Ravezza Waterfall


Hiking boots are recommended. Along the way, you may find some mud and have to cross a few ‘streams’ that cut the path, so it is best to wear waterproof shoes.

In summer, you will find lots of butterflies fluttering between the flowers, which is a great opportunity to get some nice souvenir photos taken by your children. Our daughter uses this model and is very happy with it.

Butterflies at the Ravezza waterfall

When to go

The path is quite shady as it runs almost entirely under a beautiful beech wood, so it is doable even in the warmer months. There is also a refreshing breeze from the waterfall.

When we arrived, there was a large group of people bathing in the pond at the foot of the waterfall so, you might want to bring a swimming costume in anticipation of some splashing.

How to get to Cascata della Ravezza and Lame Lake

The time it takes from Genoa to get to Lago delle Lame and start your excursion to the waterfall is just under 2 hours.

You can choose to drive along the Valfontanabuona, then follow the Passo della Scoglina, Cabanne, Rezzoaglio, Lame Lake.

Or you can take the Genova – Rosignano motorway and exit at the Lavagna exit. Continue in the direction of Carasco, Cabanne, Rezzoaglio, Lame Lake.

In any case, the road has many bends so be careful if your child suffers from car sickness .

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