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Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa


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Mount della Cavalla (or Monte Costalta) in the Antola Park is famous for the marvellous flowering of the narcissuses that, in May and June, cover the wide grassy plains at its foot on the northern slope.

We have often gone there to admire the blossoming, arriving, however, from the locality of Fascia because, on this side, the path is shorter and has less height difference.

▶ If you are interested in daffodil blossom, we talk about it here.

Today’s objective was to organise a trek that was not too strenuous for our little girls but scenic, so why not go to Mount della Cavalla ‘out of season‘, arriving there from Fontanarossa by a slightly longer route?

Daffodils aside, it is a pleasant excursion to plan at any time of year as it offers beautiful views in all seasons.

Autumn, for example, is the right destination for lovers of foliage, as the forest is rich in beech trees. In winter with snow, on the other hand, the plateau lends itself to being traversed with skis or snowshoes.

In spring, as mentioned, you can witness the blossoming of daffodils, while in summer you can find a variety of raspberry plants in the surroundings ➠ More on the detailed map below.

Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa
Pian della Cavalla

How to get to Fontanarossa

The trek to Monte della Cavalla begins in the village of Fontanarossa, a hamlet of the municipality of Gorreto, which has around 50 inhabitants.

To get to Fontanarossa from Genoa, you must take the SS45 Genoa-Piacenza road that leads to Torriglia. You do not enter the village but continue on the state road towards Gorreto until you take the branch road that goes up to the village of Fontanarossa. This takes about 1h 20 minutes.

In Fontanarossa you can find a grocery store, a bar, a tobacconist’s shop, and several water fountains, but they are NOT drinkable. The only drinking water fountain is about halfway along the route.

Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa: technical specifications

Departure altitude: 938 m

Arrival altitude: 1328 m

Length: 2400 m (one way)

Height difference: 330 m

Time taken: uphill 1h15/1h30 (us with the girls 1h40 and 0h45 for the descent).

Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa: route

You park your car freely at the roadside and continue on foot to the village church . On the left, you will find the sign indicating the path to follow.

You then take the asphalt road uphill, which soon becomes a dirt road. The signpost to follow is the horizontal yellow section.

The first part winds its way through a faggette and is characterised by a fairly demanding ascent. After about 40 minutes, you reach a fountain with drinking water and a couple of small tables.

Church of Fontanarossa
Start of the trail
First part of the path entirely uphill
Fountain halfway up

At this point you pass the fountain and take the wider path on the right, which continues uphill and always in the shade of the beech trees, for about halfan hour.

When the path emerges from the forest, you will have reached the wide meadows of Pian della Cavalla at an altitude of 1300 m, where the famous narcissus bloom takes place.

Here you will have to turn abruptly to your left and continue straight ahead on the grassy plateau. Be careful because there are no signposts.

Mount della Cavalla

From this point to the summit, there is no real path, but you will find a slight trace in the meadow. However, continue uphill on the ridge and in about twenty minutes/half an hour, you will have reached the summit of Mount della Cavalla, at 1328 m.

From the summit, you can admire a splendid panorama of the Trebbia Valley, the Ántola chain, and the Ligurian Apennines with the Ramaceto, Aiona, Penna, Maggiorasca and Caucasus mountains.

We return by retracing the outward path.

Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa
It continues through a beech forest
Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa
A route also suitable for children
Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa
Point where you have to turn left
pian della cavalla
Pian della Cavalla
the summit
The summit
Panorama from the summit

Where to find raspberry plants

Once you get to the fountain with drinking water, instead of taking the path to the right, you can take the little path next to it on the left side, which shortly after leads to several raspberry plants.

We unfortunately found almost all of them dry, but there are so many of them and maybe next year, arriving a few days earlier, we can eat a few more raspberries!

From here, on an undefined path, you can continue and arrive, in about 20 minutes, at Pian della Cavalla and, finally, at Monte della Cavalla.

If you wish, therefore, you could consider a ring-route to Monte della Cavalla from Fontanarossa, ascending by the official path and descending by this route, or vice versa.

Below, you will find the map in detail.

Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa
Take the little path to the left to get to the raspberries
raspberry plants
Raspberry plants

Trekking to Mount della Cavalla from Fontanarossa with children

The trek to Monte della Cavalla does not present any particular technical difficulties and is therefore also feasible with children , who must, however, already be accustomed to trekking in the mountains. Boots are essential. Some mud can be found along the route.

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