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From Torriglia to Mount Spigo via Panteca Chapel


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An interesting loop hike that starts from the village of Torriglia at an altitude of 768 metres and leads to the summit of Mount Spigo at 1127 metres in just over an hour.

Along the way, we cross the Colletta di Monte Moro where the Panteca Chapel (999 metres) stands.

Once past the summit cross of Mount Spigo, you can return to Torriglia along an old mule track or a stretch of asphalt road (shorter route).

Let us see the itinerary together.

How to get to Torriglia

From the Genova Est motorway exit, take the SS45 up the entire Val Bisagno, and you will reach Torriglia in about 45 minutes.

From the Busalla exit, go up the Scrivia Valley and reach Torriglia in about 40 minutes.

And, from Piacenza, one passes Bobbio, driving through the scenic Trebbia Valley, and reaches Torriglia in about 2 hours.

In Torriglia, leave your car in the large free parking area (Piazza al Posteggio, 12).

From Torriglia to Mount Spigo via Panteca Chapel

Technical specifications

Starting altitude – Torriglia 768 m.

Maximum altitude – Cima dei Ciappaini 1211 mt.

Height difference – about 520 mt

Time taken – 3h (with children 4h)

Circular excursion – Yes

Useful information

The excursion to Mount Spigo, starting from Torriglia, includes several ups and downs and stretches in the shade of the woods alternating with stretches exposed to the sun.

The ideal seasons to walk it are spring, early summer and autumn (in a small section, chestnuts can also be collected).

As it is looped, it can be undertaken either from one side or the other, but we recommend ascending from the Panteca side and descending from the Donetta side.

Conversely, the path is a little steep and slippery at one point; problematic if taken downhill, especially if there are children with you.

From Torriglia to Mount Spigo via Panteca Chapel: route

Torriglia – Panteca – Mount Spigo

From the car park, do not go up to the village but back along the provincial road (towards Genoa), until you turn right into via Vignale.

The signpost to follow is marked with a yellow X.

Follow the mule track that climbs with a good gradient between a few isolated houses, until it crosses the tarmac road that leads to the hamlet of Pietra.

Follow the road uphill and, shortly afterwards, take the path to the left that soon enters a chestnut forest.

Mount Spigo

Proceeding uphill through the forest, one passes an abandoned farmstead and reaches, a little further on, the Colletta di Monte Moro where the Panteca Chapel stands at 999 metres.

At this point, take the little path that climbs, marked by the yellow T sign, which with several ups and downs, some of which are steep, reaches the summit of Mount Spigo (or Astazzone) at an altitude of 1127 metres.

Be careful with children because in some small sections the path narrows considerably.

The bad day did not allow us to appreciate the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains that we had already admired on this excursion.

Even the view of the village of Torriglia, below, remains hazy.

Mount Spigo
Mount Spigo

At this point, the second part of the hike begins.

Mount Spigo – Colletto di Pentema – Donetta – Torriglia

We pass the summit cross of Mount Spigo, descending along the opposite ridge.

With several ups and downs, one of which is a steep climb, we reach the Colletto di Pentema at 1114 metres in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Turn left onto the tarmac road that connects Torriglia to Pentema and cross it, after a few metres uphill.

The little path on the right side that climbs steeply is the one that leads up to the panoramic grassy ridge.

We continue on the slight track that turns to the right, climbing over the small peak of Ciappaini at an altitude of 1211 metres.

The panorama of the surrounding mountains, including Prelà, Duso and Antola, is wonderful.

We continue downhill to the Passo delle Rocche di Mantega and, following the now well-marked path through the woods, we soon reach the village of Donetta.

At this point, follow the asphalt road that passes between the village houses, and take the dirt track to the right, marked by the two yellow circles.

The mule track descends into the woods, crosses the locality of Poggio, where there is a drinking water spring, and with a final descent, arrives at Torriglia, at the ATP bus terminus.

A few more minutes and you will have arrived at the car park, where your excursion to Mount Spigo began .

Shorter variant

If you wish to shorten the route, thus speeding up the excursion, you can take the asphalted road that leads from Colletto di Pentema to Donetta.

The route is easy, slightly downhill, and leads to the village of Donetta in about half an hour.

From here, take the path marked with two yellow circles that descends to Torriglia.

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