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Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto

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Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto is a beautiful walk in the heart of the Beigua Regional Natural Park.

The route alternates between mountain paths and asphalted roads, and is very varied and scenic in places.

The hike begins (and ends) right near the Abbey, on an initially wide and flat path that then becomes more challenging, a total of 7.5 kilometres long.

Because of the many ups and downs and the fact that the path is slightly exposed in places, the Badia di Tiglieto loop is only suitable for well-trained children who are used to hiking.

How to get there

To reach Tiglieto within Beigua Park, take the Masone motorway exit and pass Campo Ligure, famous for its mechanised nativity scene, and then Rossiglione.

Once in Tiglieto, follow the signs for the Badia car park, a large free car park where you can leave your car and start the hike on foot.

Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto

Technical specifications

Departure – Abbey of Tiglieto (378 metres above sea level)

Arrival – Abbey of Tiglieto

Maximum altitude – 493 metres above sea level

Time required – 2h30 (us with a trained 4-year-old girl, 3h)

Length – approx. 7.5km

Height difference – 193 metres


Having parked the car, we take the level path that runs alongside a beautiful picnic area equipped with toilets.

In a few minutes, you arrive at the Abbey of Tiglieto where our loop hike begins, marked by the full yellow oval marker crossed horizontally.

Abbey of Tiglieto

Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto
Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto

Church of Santa Maria e Santa Croce (the real name of the abbey of Tiglieto) was the first Cistercian abbey built outside France, in 1120.

The complex, a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture, comprises the church with a suspended tabernacle, the convent and the refectory that runs along three sides of the cloister.

Badia can only be visited with the guides of Beigua Park, which organises many other interesting activities, from nature walks to workshops for children.

For all information, take a look at the official site.

Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto: itinerary

The Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto can be walked clockwise or anticlockwise .

We walked it clockwise, thus starting out in a softer manner on a flat path, and saving the most beautiful part with a view of the canyon for last.

We then take the path to the left of the abbey.

The first part winds its way beneath a beautiful beech and chestnut forest on a wide, slightly uphill path.

After about half an hour, we come out onto the carriage road , which we follow uphill, keeping to the right.

Approximately near the Cascinazza picnic area, we cross the road and continue straight on until we reach the entrance to the path that descends into the woods and leads to the characteristic bridge over the Orba stream.

Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto

Once on the other bank, we walk along the watercourse for a stretch (there are some slightly exposed points here) and, having passed a small wooden bridge, take the path that climbs.

This is the most strenuous section of the itinerary.


Between small bridges and crossings over an asphalt road, it takes about 2 hours from the start to reach the path that runs along the bank of the Orba stream, in an elevated position.

In this very suggestive stretch, you can admire the deep gorges of the torrent from above.

The flow of water, over the centuries, has eroded the rock, giving rise to the aforementioned truly spectacular canyon .

The terrain is rocky and some points are exposed so be careful with children.

From this point, continue downhill , crossing a small bridge and an asphalt road again, and finally arrive at the provincial road.

You cross theold medieval bridge, at the mouth of which you can admire a majestic, centuries-old oak tree.

From here, turn left onto the provincial road to reach the new road bridge and then right onto the path leading to theabbey, thus concluding the loop.

Ring of the Abbey of Tiglieto
ancient bridge
final path

When to go

The recommended time to go on this hike and to fully enjoy the scents and colours of nature is, in my opinion, spring or autumn with the foliage.

Summer might be suitable if the idea is to take a swim in the clear waters of the stream.

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