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Montebruno, a village in the Trebbia Valley


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Montebruno (Castrum Montisbruni) is a small village in the Trebbia Valley that boasts ancient origins.

In fact, the village was an important connection centre between the river port of Piacenza and that of Genoa in the year 1000.

Merchants and pilgrims travelling along the Caminus Janue could find refreshment in thehospitale of Montebruno.

Walking through the small town today takes you back in time.

Let’s see together what to do and see in Montebruno, a village in the Trebbia Valley.

What to see in Montebruno

The Sanctuary and the Museum of Rural Culture

Stone bridge and Sanctuary
Montebruno Sanctuary and the annexed Museum

Crossing the four-arched medieval stone bridge that connects the two banks of the Trebbia, you enter the Sanctuary of N.S. di Montebruno, dating back to 1496, and the adjacent Museum of Peasant Culture, which preserves a very large collection of material.

Don Pietro, the current parish priest of Montebruno (and of many other villages in the surrounding area), as well as the creator of the famous Pentema Crib, has created this extraordinary museum that preserves various objects used, in the past, by the farmers of the Trebbia Valley.

In addition to the handicrafts of the past, you can also admire the reproduction of a stable, a kitchen furnished in peasant style, and an old mill.

The hamlet

Village centre
Handicraft shop
da carlo
Da Carlo’s Old Wood-burning Oven

Strolling through the internal streets of the village, you can admire the small stone houses, some of which have been perfectly restored, while others are unfortunately in a state of neglect.

Make a stop at the wonderful Yggdrasill craft workshop, the only one that works wood in the entire Upper Trebbia Valley.

The premises, crammed with even curious objects, was, in the past, the donkeys’ stable.

Then you cannot miss a tasty break at the Antico Forno a Legna Da Carlo, in operation since 1886.

Da Carlo is the town’s grocery store that sells a little bit of everything.

You can find bread that retains the flavour of yesteryear because it is baked in a wood-burning oven, quality cheeses and cured meats , sweets including biscuits, baci di dama (lady’s kisses), the canestrelli di Montebruno, panettone, and much more.

What to do in Montebruno

I recommend that you wear (or bring along) sneakers to undertake two small hikes that start near the Montebruno Sanctuary, which are the Via Crucis and the Bosco Narrativo.

The start of the path is the same (it is situated between the village playground and the cemetery) but, while for the Via Crucis you turn right at the first deviation, for the Bosco Narrativo you continue straight on.

In both cases, the time taken to complete the hike is about ten minutes.

via crucis
Start of the hike in Montebruno

Narrative Wood

The Bosco Narrativo is an almost flat walk, marked by several panels bearing poems by famous writers.

The path is short (it is about 400 metres long) and, unfortunately, a little abandoned .

If it has just rained, it becomes quite slippery.

For children right in front of the churchyard of the Sanctuary, there is a nice playground in the shade of the trees.

narrative forest
The Narrative Forest
Panels in the Bosco Narrativo
Montebruno playground

Excursions around Montebruno


The village of Montebruno is small, you can get around it in a couple of hours, but it is well worth a visit both because it is, essentially, the starting point for exploring the upper Trebbia Valley, and because it allows you to get to know the local culture of the past, its history and religious tradition, as well as the gastronomic specialities of the area.

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