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The mechanised crib of Campo Ligure


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Set up inside theOratory of Saints Sebastian and Rocco, the mechanised crib of Campo Ligure is certainly one of the most fascinating cribs we have had the good fortune to admire.

Campo Ligure is a small village in Liguria best known for its filigree and mechanised n ativity scene that opens its doors to visitors every year in December and January.

Follow us and we will take you to discover the suggestive nativity scene of Campo Ligure with all the information for the visit, even with children in tow.

The mechanised crib of Campo Ligure: how it was created

mechanised crib of Campo Ligure

The mechanised nativity scene in Campo Ligure was born in the early 1900s thanks to the ingenuity of the then chaplain Father Paolo Bottero when, helped by some of his confreres, he began carving the first statuettes inspired by the Genoese school of Maragliano.

As explained to us by the kind volunteer during our visit, the oldest mechanised crib figurine is the one depicting theknife-grinder, still fully functional today, and dates back to 1910!

Initially, the characters moved thanks to a driving force powered by a bicycle wheel , operated by means of a crank.

The first electric motor was introduced in 1915.

The Campo Ligure nativity scene was unfortunately closed and abandoned during the Second World War, but in 1977, when a terrible flood devastated the village, it was found in a warehouse and brought back to life.

Since 1980, it has shone again thanks to the work of the brethren, who have enlarged it year after year.

The mechanised crib of Campo Ligure: what to see

The mechanised crib of Campo Ligure is set up inside the Oratory over an area of 50 square metres.

Nativity scene represents the trades of the Stura Valley villages at the beginning of the 20th century.

Around the Nativity, one can admire hundreds of figures intent on daily activities, including iron and filigree work.

The movements are mechanised and involve the visitor in this marvellous and evocative setting, enriched by light and sound effects (mooing, sunrise, starry sky, etc.).

For children, a sort of platform has been created where they can walk to admire the crib more closely.

The reproduction of the village of Campo Ligure with its medieval stone bridge and castle is also very beautiful.

mechanised crib of Campo Ligure
mechanised crib of Campo Ligure

When to go: dates 2024

The mechanised crib remains open until 28 January and can be visited on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Admission is free and an offer is welcome to help the volunteers in their set-up work, which starts already in October.

mechanised crib of Campo Ligure
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The mechanised crib of Campo Ligure: conclusion

The mechanised crib of Campo Ligure is a jewel with more than one hundred years of history.

It is a true masterpiece of crib art and absolutely deserves a visit to keep alive the tradition and art of the 20th centuryLigurian hinterland villages.

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