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Loop trekking at the Gorzente Lakes in Liguria

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Gorzente lakes – Lago Lungo, Lago Badana and Lago Bruno – are a group of three artificial reservoirs in the Ligurian Apennines that feed the aqueducts of Genoa.

Gorzente Lakes Nature Trail is a varied and interesting but rather demanding loop trail.

The trek winds through the upper Gorzente valley for about 14 kilometres, and runs along the lakes on both sides, with splendid views from above.

The length of the route and the time it takes to complete it (about 5 hours), make the Gorzente Lakes trek suitable only for trained hikers.


Gorzente lakes how to get there

From the A7 motorway, take the Genoa Bolzaneto exit and continue towards Campomorone.

Continue in the direction of Piani di Praglia, parking at Prou René.

From the A26 motorway, take the Masone exit and continue towards Campo Ligure.

Just before arriving at Capanne di Marcarolo, turn right for Colla di Praglia and continue to the locality of Prou René (824 m).

Here you will find ample space where you can leave your car.

Technical specifications

  • Starting point – Prou René 824 mt
  • Height difference – approx. 500 metres
  • Walking time – 5 hours approx
  • Signposts – White – red
  • Loop itinerary – Yes
  • Difficulty of the excursion – E


The loop hike to the Gorzente lakes begins at the Prou René car park: an information board marks the start of the path.

The first section (flat and then gently descending) is quickly covered.

At some points, you have to ‘ford’ the stream on boulders and small wooden footbridges.

A very short ascent leads to neviera 5 and then to an imposing boulder called the grain stone.



Neviera is a large hole dug in the ground in which, in the past, snow was collected and stored.

Once solidified into blocks, the snow was then transported downstream for the purpose of refrigerating food and drink, when refrigerators did not yet exist.

Neviera 5 is among the largest and best preserved in the area.

We had already seen them in the Parco delle Mura in Genoa, along the path leading to the Forti.

Grain Stone

gorzente lakes

The Grain Stone is a huge metagabbro boulder located at the point where, in the past, the Po merchants probably exchanged their products (wheat and wine, for example) for those brought by the Genoese (oil and salt).

At this point, we continue through the forest until we see the first lake, Lago Lungo, the largest of the three Gorzente lakes.

Continue on level ground along the western shore of Lago Lungo until you come to a fork in the road.

Take the path to the left , which first climbs steeply and then descends ever steeper (there is a metal cable to use as a handrail) until it joins the path connecting Lake Bruno with Lake Badana.

Cross the bridge over Lake Bruno, which is the oldest of the Gorzente lakes and the one at the lowest altitude (648 m).

We resume the path that leads to the Chapel of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio and, after several ups and downs, to the Passo Mezzano MartyrsMemorial, in memory of the fallen partisans.

gorzente lakes

Bric Nasciu

After the uphill stretch in the woods (perhaps the most demanding of the hike), we arrive at Bric Nasciu at 923 metres, a wonderful viewpoint over the lakes.

There is also a useful bench here to rest and admire the splendid panorama.

gorzente lakes

Second and final part of the route

We take the path again, which now leads away from the lakes and joins the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

The road continues to a junction: to the right, you go to the CAI Observatory, to the left, you continue the Gorzente lakes trek.

We continue downhill along the dirt road that crosses Prato del Gatto and finally leads to the car park at Prou René, where our loop hike began.

Here, you will find the recycling bins where you can dispose of your waste.

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