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Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo


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Interesting excursion to Mount Spigo, feasible with children, starting and finishing in Donetta, passing through the Passo delle Rocche di Mantega and the Colletto di Pentema.

The complete ring-route would actually start from Torriglia , but with a child it would be really challenging.

The excursion that we propose instead is always a loop and allows you to save more than an hour on the total route. As mentioned, it is also feasible with children, who must, however, be trained and accustomed to trekking.

Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo: technical specifications

Departure altitude: Donetta 1000 m

Arrival altitude: Monte Spigo 1127 m

Time taken: 3h in total

Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo: route

The hike to Monte Spigo consists of two parts: the first is the one from Donetta to Colletto di Pentema. The estimated time for this first section is about 1h15/1h30.

Second part, on the other hand, goes from the Colletto di Pentema to Monte Spigo, returning to Donetta on a different road from the one on the outward journey, so as to complete a ring-route. The estimated time for this second section is 1h30.

The route is very varied, going from dense woodland to sweeping views. On this hike, there are many ups and downs and some steep ascents and descents where the child, if small, will have to be held by the hand.

Some points are exposed to the sun , so it is not a recommended hike if it is very hot. Hiking boots and a good supply of water are obligatory.

Excursion to Mount Spigo: from Donetta to the Colletto di Pentema

Park the car in the small village of Donetta (near the football pitch), and continue on foot, passing the small church. The signs to follow are those for Monte Antola.

Take the dirt track that turns to the left and leads, after a few metres, to a fork: the path that climbs to the right is the one that leads to Passo dei Colletti and then to Mount Antola.

The gentler path to the left of the signpost, on the other hand, is the one we will follow (marker T).

Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo

Actually, the path leading to the Colletti would also be fine, but it is longer and more demanding as it climbs a lot and then descends and reconnects at the Passo delle Rocche di Mantega, in an estimated time of 1h.

The path to the left, on the other hand, climbs more gently and leads to Passo delle Rocche di Mantega at 1158 m in about 20 minutes.

At this point, we continue on the uphill path until, after about half an hour, we reach the small peak of Ciappaini at 1211 m. This point is very scenic – the view extends to the Prelà, Duso and Antola mountains.

From the scenic grassy ridge, look for the little path (it is little more than a track) that descends to the left and leads to an asphalt road in about 10 minutes. This section of the path is very steep for a child and quite slippery.

We arrived at the Colletto di Pentema at 1114 m.

mount spigo
The descent to the Colletto di Pentema and the view of Monte Spigo
Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo
The path we have just taken on the descent, seen from the Colletto di Pentema

Excursion to Mount Spigo: Colletto di Pentema – M. Spigo – Donetta

Once on the tarmac road, turn left and take the little path on the opposite side of the road, marked with the signpost for the Cappella della Panteca (marker T).

After numerous ups and downs, including a descent that is quite steep for a child but not dangerous, you finally reach the summit of Mount Spigo, in about half an hour.

the start
Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo
the summit
Loop hike from Donetta to Mount Spigo

To return to Donetta, we retrace the path back to the asphalt road. At this point, we turn right and travel 2km downhill on the carriage road that leads to the small village of Donetta.

The road is the one that connects Torriglia to Pentema and, although it is carriageable, it is pleasant to walk along because it is shady and never too busy.

What to do in Donetta

donetta church

Donetta is a small village located at an altitude of 1,000 metres, about 6 kilometres from the town of Torriglia. It is characterised by a small village and a small church.

There are no shops but during the summer (weekends in July and every day in August), you can find a very nice little bar open where you can have an ice cream or an aperitif.

Next to the little café, there is a children’s playground, a football pitch and a volleyball court. The games are unfortunately a bit dated but, overall, it is a good destination to let the kids have an hour or so of fun if you are in the area.

How to get to Donetta

From Genoa, take state road 45 to the village of Torriglia and from there follow the signs for Donetta (about a 10-minute drive).

If you want to get to Donetta on foot, from Torriglia you must take the shortcut to the right of the coach house which, skirting the meadows of the castle, leads to Poggio in about 20 minutes.

From the Poggio, continue on the uphill path to the left of the fountain with drinking water that, in a little over 10 minutes, leads to Donetta at the start of our hike to Monte Spigo.

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