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The Lame Lake in Rezzoaglio


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Lame Lake is a wonderful body of water located in Rezzoaglio, in the Aveto Regional Natural Park, at an altitude of 1048 metres.

Set inside the forest of the Lame, in the Ligurian Apennines, Lame Lake covers an area of about 3600 square metres with a depth of about 8 metres (at its deepest point).

It is a beautiful, unique place. The bright green colour of the lake surrounded by beech trees, which turn orange in autumn, make it a truly magical place.

And what better place is there to celebrate one’s wedding than Lame Lake? For us none, in fact we celebrated it here!

Emotions aside, Lame Lake is the ideal place for a wonderful outing with friends or family.

Whether it is to embark on one of the treks around the lake or simply to relax and have a picnic, Lake Lame, located inland from Genoa, is definitely worth the trip.

So let’s see in detail what you can do at Lame Lake, in the municipality of Rezzoaglio.

Lame Lake
Our wedding at Lago delle Lame


You can get there easily by car and park for free near the roadside. On summer holidays, between fishermen, hikers, and restaurant customers, there are a lot of people and you might have a little difficulty finding a place, however, nothing impossible.

It may be useful to know that Lago delle Lame is freely accessible. On one side of the lake, you will see a small wooden house – the Casetta del Pescatore – which does not charge a toll but simply sells fishing permits.

Lame Lake in Rezzoaglio: what to do

Lame Lake is a small glacial lake formed about 20,000 years ago by the melting of the Monte Aiona glacier, whose waters, sliding downstream, gathered in a series of small lakes.

One of these is the Lame Lake, situated at a lower altitude, the others are the Agoraie lakes. From the Lame Lake, several more or less demanding hiking trails start.


The Lame Lake in Rezzoaglio: hiking

Trekking Ring of the Lame Forest: Agoraie lakes

Agoraie lakes, as mentioned, are a group of small lakes of glacial origin, 4 of which are perennial and 2 seasonal.

The area inside the Riserva Naturale Orientata delle Agoraie is only accessible for educational purposes, but it is possible to go on a ring-trek that winds for about 9 km inside the beautiful faggetta delle Lame. The marker to follow is the A2 and the estimated time is 3 hours.

Agoraie reserve can be visited with the Aveto Park Forest Guards, to be booked in advance. For info – Email: [email protected] Cell: 0185343370

Trekking to the Ravezza Waterfall

The Ravezza Waterfall less than 1h from Lago delle Lame

Also from Lame Lake, there is a path – suitable for both young and old – which, in just under 1h, leads to the impressive Ravezza waterfall.

The path is quite wide and does not present any particular difficulties, except for the last stretch, which is very steep and care must be taken with small children.

The more courageous can also take a dip in the small, cool-water lake at the foot of the waterfall. Go to the article

Lame Lake at Rezzoaglio: demanding treks

Trekking to Monte Aiona

Suitable for experienced hikers, the trek to Monte Aiona starts from Lame Lake, crosses the Prè de Lame pass and then continues along theAlta Via dei Monti Liguri, leading to the plateau of Monte Aiona in an estimated time of 3h30. The signpost to follow is the A1.

What else to do at Lame Lake: the Woodland Museum


Of particular interest to children, the Museo del Bosco is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the forests of the Aveto Park.

Set up inside the beautiful beech forest near the lake, the Museo del Bosco was created with the aim of bringing adults and children closer to the history of the area’s forests, through the exhibition of finds, artefacts and forestry tools. Admission is free. Go to the article

Lame Lake in Rezzoaglio: Trout Fishing

Lame Lake

In the summer months, it is possible to try your hand at trout fishing at Lame Lake. If you do not have the necessary equipment, at the Casetta del Pescatore (the little wooden house on the lake shore), you can rent a fishing rod and buy bait and permits.

The cost is 18.00€ for the permit to fish 5 trout, and 4.00€ to rent the rod and bait.

For all information, please consult the official website of the Associazione Pesca Sportiva in Val d’Aveto.

Where to have lunch and where to sleep at Lago delle Lame

Hotel Restaurant Lago delle Lame
Panorama from the room

Overlooking the lake, you will find the Hotel Ristorante Lago delle Lame where you can enjoy excellent cuisine with a set menu to be eaten in the indoor dining room, or tasty grilled meat sitting at the outdoor tables facing the lake (in fine weather).

If you would like to stay overnight, the hotel has about twenty simple but well-equipped rooms. The managers are welcoming and easy-going people, always keen to offer their guests local produce. For example, at breakfast you can taste excellent biscuits made with Val d’Aveto corn!

For info and booking – Elisa and David, the managers: landline 0185 1908033 / mobile 348 3947872.

▶ Or if you prefer, you can book on booking.com – Click here.

How to get to Lame Lake

Lame Lake in Rezzoaglio is just under 2 hours from Genoa.

You can choose to drive along the Valfontanabuona, continuing through the Scoglina Pass, Cabanne, Rezzoaglio, Lago delle Lame.

Or you can take the Genova – Rosignano motorway and exit at the Lavagna exit. Then continue in the direction of Carasco, Cabanne, Rezzoaglio, Lame Lake.


Lame Lake is a small, wonderful oasis of beauty and peace. It deserves a visit at any time of year and certainly in spring and autumn with the foliage, to appreciate its colours and tranquillity.

Summer, on the other hand, is perfect for exploring the area with a more or less demanding trek. If you want to stay on the lakeshore in summer, remember to bring a good mosquito repellent.

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