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Val di Noci Lake: a natural oasis near Genoa

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Val di Noci Lake is an artificial lake in the Ligurian Apennines located in the hinterland of Genoa, more precisely in the municipality of Montoggio.

Set in a beautiful natural setting, at an altitude of 527 metres, Lake Val di Noci is a small oasis of peace, a destination for nature and sporting excursions (fishing is possible in the lake).

Let’s find out where it is, how to get there and what to do at the Val di Noci lake, behind Genoa.

A bit of history

The lake of Val di Noci was created between 1924 and 1930 as a water resource for the city of Genoa, through the construction of an imposing dam, 56 metres high, which dammed the course of the Rio Val di Noci.

The lake is fed by streams flowing down the surrounding slopes, and has a maximum depth of 46 metres and a capacity of 3.3 million cubic metres of water.

Initially, the Val di Noci lake was inhabited by carp but, following maintenance work, it was emptied in 1999, transferring the fish to the Brugneto lake, the Gorzente lakes, and the Busalletta lake.

Since 2006, after the filling, fish restocking has been carried out by both the Province of Genoa and the Società Genova Acque.

How to get there

From Genoa, drive past the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno until you reach Struppa.

From here, take via di Creto and continue along the SP13 for 14 kilometres, passing the beautiful parish church of San Siro di Struppa and the so-called Curva del Perdono, a beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking Genoa.

curva del perdono

Once there, you will find a square where you can leave your car, below the climbing crags.

From Genoa, it is a 40-minute drive in total.

From Torriglia, take the SS45 towards Genoa and, at Laccio, continue along the SP226 towards Montoggio.

Pass the village, and continue along the provincial road for another 5 kilometres, arriving near the lake in about half an hour.


What to do at the Val di Noci lake



The Val di Noci lake is surrounded by a pedestrian ring, the renovation of which was completed in June 2023, where it is possible to organise pleasant walks in the green.

The route is 4.5 kilometres long and is completed in about one hour.

Except for the very short final section, the path is totally flat and is also suitable for families with children.

Just before the car park, there is a sign indicating the direction to follow: to start the hike, one must descend the flight of steps leading to the dam.

Val di Noci Lake
Val di Noci Lake
Val di Noci Lake

From here, the route continues, without any particular difficulty, in the shade of the trees on a comfortable path.

Here and there, there are small bridges to cross.

In the final section of the hike, you will find a fork in the path: the one on the right that climbs steeply, and the one on the left that continues flat.

In both cases, the paths end on an asphalt road, a minute’s walk from the car park.

The lake is located in an unspoilt natural environment.

Testifying to the low level of pollution in the area are the elateridae, a particular species of nocturnal beetles present, especially in fine weather.

Bathing is prohibited at the Val di Noci lake.

Val di Noci Lake

Sport fishing

The waters of Lake Val di Noci are home to a variety of fish, including trout, chub, barbel and carp, and are therefore a destination for fishing enthusiasts .

Fishing is reserved for permit holders, which costs € 5.00 daily and € 20.00 annually.

The permitted fishing period and times are as follows

  • from 24/02 to 31/03 and from 01/11 to 31/12 → 07:00-17:00
  • from 01/04 to 31/12 → 6:30-19:00.

Five trout, two tench and one carp may be retained on each fishing day. Other species caught must be released immediately.

Carpfishing, i.e. night fishing, is possible.

When to go to Lake Val di Noci


The best time to go to Lake Val di Noci and enjoy nature to the full is definitely spring or autumn, when you can also collect chestnuts.

In fact, there are a few chestnut groves around the lake, including some hundred-year-old specimens.

If it has just rained, the path around the lake becomes very muddy. Hiking boots are recommended.

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