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Hike to Mount Scietto


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What a beautiful hike to Monte Scietto! We start out from Torriglia and follow a varied route that, passing by the Cappelletta della Costa, reaches the summit of Monte Scietto in a total time of about 2h00.

It is a very beautiful hike to be done, in my opinion, in the afternoon/late afternoon with the colours of the sunset, and is suitable for trained children as it is 8 kilometres long (round trip).

If you plan it at the end of summer, you will also be able to have a good blackberry binge!

Hike to Mount Scietto: route

The ascent to Mount Scietto alone is short, as you could park your car at the foot of the mountain and reach the summit cross on its summit in about 20 minutes.

We wanted to lengthen theitinerary to spend a little more time in the midst of nature, savouring the last heat of the summer days.


We set off from the village of Torriglia, at an altitude of 769 metres, taking Via Roma, the road leading to the historic centre.

You arrive in Piazza Fieschi and continue in the direction of Casaleggio, passing the archivolt with the Bella di Torriglia.

After about 500 metres on an asphalt road, we enter Località Castagneto, on the left, which is carriageable in the first section but soon becomes a dirt road.

After a few minutes’ climb, you come out onto the asphalt road again, cross it and take the dirt track on the other side of the road that leads to Cappelletta della Costa, at an altitude of 880 metres.

Hike to Mount Scietto: Cappelletta della Costa

Taking the path to the right of the little church, one goes to Monte Lavagnola; to continue our excursion to Mount Scietto, however, one must take the path to its left.

the start
Departure of the path from Località Castagneto
Hike to Mount Scietto
Cross the asphalt road and take the dirt track that leads to the Cappelletta della Costa
cappelletta della costa
Little Chapel of the Coast
t marker
From the Cappelletta della Costa, take the dirt track to your left

We then continue uphill following the T-marker, in the direction of Donetta. When the path meets the carriage road, we take the mule track on the right, which walks below the carriage road, in a beautiful wooded environment.

It is precisely here that, in the right season, you will find several blackberry plants!

In about half an hour, you come to an asphalt road, cross it, and take the uphill path leading to a small stone chapel .

We pass it and continue on a track created mostly by fallow deer; at this point, unfortunately, there is no more path. With several ups and downs, we pass two peaks, the last of which has an epigraph with the Madonna.

At this point, we descend, arriving in a few minutes at the foot of Mount Scietto where, if we wanted to, we could have parked the car, covering only the final stretch of the excursion.

Mount Scietto

We then continue on the dirt road that runs alongside the carriageway, climbing the slope that soon leads to the summit cross on Mount Scietto, at an altitude of 1150 metres.

The panorama is marvellous! One can admire the Brugneto lake below and, among others, the peaks of Monte Antola, Monte Fasce, Monte Prelà (from whose slopes the Scrivia river rises), and Monte Lesima.

Mule track to the right of the roadway
Mule track to the right of the roadway
Hike to Mount Scietto
Paved road to cross
epigraph madonna
Epigraph with the Madonna
summit cross
Summit cross
brugneto lake
Lake Brugneto

The return

As for the return, you can walk back along the outward path, but with children it is a little long.

We decided to walk along the provincial road which, in a short time, led us from the foot of Mount Scietto to Donetta.

Here we passed the playground and football field, reconnecting with the path down to the coach house in Torriglia, marked by the two yellow dots.

Hike to Mount Scietto
Returning to Donetta on the provincial road
hike to mount scietto
Junction for Donetta
Donetta playground

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