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Hike to Mount Reale from Minceto

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A beautiful and easy hike in nature, suitable for the whole family, which leads from Minceto to the summit of Mount Reale in just over an hour.

The path winds its way beneath a magnificent chestnut forest and, once at the summit, you can admire the splendid panorama that embraces the entire Alpine arc.

During the summer period, you can also have something to eat at the refuge run by volunteers.

How to get to Minceto

To get to the start of our excursion to Mount Reale, take the Busalla motorway exit and follow the diversions for Minceto.

This takes about twenty minutes.

You park your car at the side of the road just before the sign indicating the beginning of the village.

Before leaving, we had read that you could park near the village church but, the two car parks there, are privately owned.

Excursion to Mount Reale from Minceto

Technical specifications

Height difference – 295 metres

Starting altitude – 607 metres

Summit altitude – 902 metres

Length – 2.2 km

Time taken – 1h

Signposts – XX yellow then ◯◯◯ yellow


Once you have parked your car, proceed on foot until you reach the beautiful little church of Our Lady of the Snow, at the top of the village, built in 1658.

You pass it, following the path that climbs, marked by the yellow XX sign.

Shortly after, a small votive chapel is encountered, marking the watershed between the Scrivia and Vobbia valleys.
From this point and up to the summit, follow the three yellow dots marker.

Hike to mount Reale from Minceto

The excursion is characterised for more than half of the route by several ups and downs that are more or less demanding, but can be easily tackled even by children.

The last stretch is, however, totally uphill.

At some points (few), the path is very narrow and has no protection , so be careful if there are small children with you.

Proceeding at a leisurely pace, in an hour or so you will reach the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto, inaugurated in 1868, and the adjacent refuge, at an altitude of 902 metres.

A small map at the back of the refuge indicates the various mountains that can be admired.

From Monte Antola, to Corsica, to Monte Rosa, to the Adamello Brenta Dolomites: the panorama is marvellous!

You return by retracing the outward path.

Hike to mount Reale from Minceto
Hike to mount Reale from Minceto

The refuge

Once you reach the top, you will find some outdoor tables where you can have a picnic, or tables inside the refuge.

The latter is equipped with a kitchen and is always open (except for the dormitory).

In summer, it is run by volunteers who always prepare something for lunch.

To book beds and get the keys to stay overnight, please contact Carla and Guido on 010.9350040 / 347.4088509.

If you would like to contribute to the maintenance of the refuge, as well as perhaps buying a sandwich or a drink during the opening period, you can make a donation via paypal to @amicimontereale.

As you can see from the photos, it is kept really clean and tidy.


Excursion to Mount Reale from Minceto: when to go

Hike to mount Reale from Minceto

The ideal season to plan an excursion to Monte Reale is definitely autumn during the foliage and chestnut ripening period.

Almost the entire route winds its way under the chestnut trees so you will find plenty of fruit.

In midsummer, on the other hand, you can admire lots of colourful butterflies and, towards the end of summer, you can pick blackberries.

It may be useful to know that Monte Reale is part of the Antola Park, within which you can freely gather forest products such as fruit, chestnuts and hazelnuts.

As far as mushrooms are concerned, however, a pass is required.

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