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Excursion to Mount Maggio


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Late autumn hike to Mount Maggio, within the Antola Regional Natural Park.

Mount Maggio is a peak in the Ligurian Apennines, situated at an altitude of 981 metres .

The hike starts from the former Colonia Montana of Mount Maggio, at 803 metres above sea level.

The trek is short and not particularly demanding but, if you wish, you can lengthen the route starting from the village of Casella.

Below you will find all the information you need to organise your excursion to Mount Maggio.

How to get to the former Colonia Montana of Mount Maggio

The nearest motorway exit to the former Colonia Montana di Mount Maggio, is Busalla.

At the roundabout, go straight on along the SP226 and after a couple of kilometres, turn left onto the SP10 following the signs for Savignone.

Drive through the village and follow the signs for Montemaggio.

Once you arrive in the small village of Montemaggio, drive on for about 800 metres more until you find a crossroads on the left that leads to the former Colonia Montana of Mount Maggio.

You can leave your car in the clearing in front of the large building.

Excursion to Mount Maggio: technical specifications

Departure altitude – Ex Colonia Montana of Mount Maggio 803 m.

Arrival altitude – Mount Maggio 981 m.

Height difference – 178 mt.

Time taken – 30 minutes (with children 15 minutes longer).

Mount Maggio Mountain Colony

The Colonia Montana of Mount Maggio is a former summer colony built in 1933 as a holiday resort for children (in particular, this facility was intended for females).

Inaugurated in 1938, the colony could accommodate up to 450 girls.

The aim of the National Fascist Party, which had financed the construction of several colonies in those years, was to actively intervene in the education of young people.

After the Second World War, the colony was used as a holiday place for the children of Ansaldo employees and after the 1990s it housed a farm for a few years.

Since 2010, the facility has been in a state of complete abandonment.

ex colonia mount maggio


To reach the summit of Mount Maggio, take the little path that starts on the opposite side of the former Colonia Montana.

The path climbs steadily, following a series of wide hairpin bends.

The path is not scenic but, being below a beautiful chestnut forest, allows you to pick the characteristic autumn fruits, if you plan the excursion in October.

Continuing unhurriedly but never stopping, you will arrive in about half an hour from the start, at a small chapel built in 1883.

A few more metres, and you will have reached the summit of Mount Maggio at an altitude of 981 metres.

From the panoramic bench , the view sweeps from theupper Scrivia Valley to the Antola chain.

You return on the same path as the outward journey, which now takes half the time to descend.

Excursion to Mount Maggio
Excursion to Mount Maggio

Excursion to Mount Maggio from Casella

If you wish to lengthen the itinerary, you can start the hike from the village of Casella.

In this case, the height difference is about 570 metres , so calculate at least an extra hour to reach the top of Mount Maggio.

The signpost to follow, marked by two empty yellow rhombuses, leads from Piazza 25 Aprile (at the ATP stop) to the last houses in the village of Casella.

At this point, the road becomes unpaved and enters the forest.

Proceeding uphill, you arrive at the village of Montemaggio at 675 m. and from here, still following the yellow markings, take the path on the left that climbs into the woods and shortly leads to the former Colonia Montana.

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