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Ciaè Botanical Path


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The Ciaè Botanical Path is a path that winds its way through the forest along which various signs are positioned, illustrating in detail the plant species encountered along the way: these are the native species of our valleys such as chestnut, ash, oak and cherry.

Not only trees but also flowers and bushes, all explained in a simple manner and accompanied by a drawing.

The excursion can be a learning opportunity for children from approx. 7/8 years of age onwards.

The Ciaè Botanical Path starts in the locality of Ronco and continues to the hamlet of Orero (Serra Riccò) via the ancient village of Ciaè.

Map of the Ciaè Botanical Path

Ciaè Botanical Path: route

From the panel indicating the start of the trail, the path proceeds on level ground in the middle of the meadows, then descending into the woods where the illustrative signs are found.

The walk in itself is rather simple, suitable even for children aged 3 to 3½ years, who are, however, already accustomed to hiking in the countryside.

The path in the forest is very wet and can become slippery if it has just rained. Hiking boots are required.

The trail is a couple of kilometres long and takes approximately 50 minutes (depending on the age of the child).

Along the way, you will come across the small (uninhabited) medieval village of Ciaè: here you will find the Rifugio, which is equipped and sleeps 14.

Medieval Bridge

From the Rifugio you cross a beautiful medieval bridge, which is always fun for children, and from the opposite bank you continue on the path that climbs to the left.

Shortly afterwards, there is a fork in the path that leads to a very tall oak tree in the middle of the forest!

The path climbs quite a bit but will take you about ten minutes at most, and in our opinion is worth the diversions.

At this point, you can either go back the way you came (it will take about forty minutes) or continue on another path that is a little longer and exposed in some places where you have to hold on to chains (unfeasible with children of 3-4 years).

We returned to the hut where we had lunch with sandwiches sitting at tables outside (the hut has no manager, you have to ask for the keys from the municipal forest rangers if you want to stay overnight).

In summer, you can also get your feet wet in the Rio Ciaè and play a little on the bank. In October, on the other hand, the place is very atmospheric with the colours of the autumn vegetation.

Ciaè Botanical Path
Start of the Ciaè Botanical Path
Tables Ciaè Path

How to reach the path

By car – You must exit at the Bolzaneto exit of the A7 Genoa – Serravalle motorway and take the direction for Sant’OlceseRonco.

Just before the panel identifying the start of the botanical path, there is a small car park where you can leave your car. From Genoa it is about 40 minutes. The path starts a few metres after the panel, on the left.

Trenino di Casella – You can also arrive by the Trenino di Genova Casella train, which leaves from Piazza Manin. You have to get off at the Tullo station. The beginning of the Ciaè botanical path is 1.5 km from the station.

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