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The Blooming of Daffodils at Pian della Cavalla


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The blossoming of daffodils (Narcissus poeticus) is a spectacular event that takes place every year in the month of May and should definitely be included in the list of walks to do!

To witness this spectacle of nature, you have to climb up to the locality of Fascia (we are in the Antola Park) and more precisely to Pian della Cavalla, following the path called precisely “Sentiero dei Narcisi.”

Blooming of the Daffodils at Pian della Cavalla
Blooming of the Daffodils at Pian della Cavalla


Narcissus is an elegant and fragrant flower; its name comes from the Greek ‘narkao‘ (to stun) and is said to be related precisely to the intense fragrance of its flowers (of the white-flowered species).

There are 5 species of narcissus that grow wild in our country; the one that blooms in our mountains, at an altitude between 600 and 1,600 meters above sea level, is precisely the Narcissus poeticus or Wild Narcissus, also called the May flower precisely because its bloom occurs in May/June, heralding the arrival of the summer season.

Pian della Cavalla is now one of the few places in Liguria where there is such an extensive flowering of daffodils.

Small note

This is an easy hike also suitable for families with children. Keep in mind, however, that the trail climbs a lot initially (total elevation gain is 500 m) and if it has rained it is very muddy, hiking boots and some training are needed.

We also recommend leaving properly equipped because we are in the mountains (1300 m) and the weather can change quickly. Count a couple of hours between round trip.

You might also be interested in How to dress in the mountains.

If weather permits, you can have lunch on the meadows otherwise if you want to sit and have a bite to eat, the nearest restaurant is at Casa del Romano, Albergo Bar Ristorante Casa del Romano (5 km from Pian della Cavalla).

A nice place for children surrounded by nature is Agriturismo Capanne di Carrega (in Carrega Ligure, 6 km from Fascia).

The Blooming of Daffodils at Pian della Cavalla: route

You park your car along the road between Fascia and Casa del Romano. Past the village of Fascia, immediately after a hairpin bend to the left, you will find the Antola Park panel marking the beginning of the Narcissi Trail.

You won’t struggle to find the area because at the time of their bloom, there will be several cars parked wildly on the sides of the road. From the panel, the trail climbs steeply and then continues with not very strenuous ups and downs.

Horses and donkeys may be encountered along the way.

The scenery is wonderful in any season, but it is definitely worth a visit especially during the daffodil bloom period, with this wonderful expanse of white flowers.

Most people stop at the Pian della Cavalla to admire and photograph the daffodils. If you wish, with a half-hour walk you can get to the top of Monte della Cavalla at an altitude of 1328 m. To return to the car, you retrace the same path back.

When to go

The flowering period for daffodils is roughly from mid-May to early June. Our advice is to go at the beginning of flowering, if possible, because as the days pass, the petals fade.

Every year the Antola Park guides on the occasion of the daffodil bloom, organize excursions to Pian della Cavalla starting from different locations. For all the info, guided tours and beginning of bloom, check out the events section of the official Antola Park website.

Narcissus Poeticus
Narcissus poeticus
Walking toward Monte della Cavalla
Walking toward Monte della Cavalla

The Blooming of Daffodils at Pian della Cavalla: warnings

Daffodils are a protected species and it is absolutely forbidden to pick them. You must also be careful not to spoil them, especially if you have small children who as soon as she saw them wanted to lie on them and snatch some to take home as a souvenir.

It is also useful to know that the narcissus bulb contains a poisonous alkaloid, narcissin which, if accidentally ingested, can cause neuronal disturbances. and gastric inflammation up to death, both in humans and grazing animals.

It is very difficult to come into contact with the bulb, however, it may be a valid motivation to discourage your child from picking the flower.

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