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Tierpark Goldau: visit to the wildlife park

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Goldau Wildlife and Nature Park is located in Canton Schwyz, in a 42-hectare area that was affected by a landslide in the past. It is home to 100 European wildlife species such as ibex, chamois, deer, marmots, wild boar, bison and many others.

It is a great experience for children because it allows them to experience direct contact with the animals: observation points allow them to watch the animals as they play, eat or bathe.

Not only that, you can also pet animals that live in the wild such as mouflon and sika deer, and feed them, and observe wolves and bears up close, which are closed in enclosures instead.

There is also a chance to feed waterfowl and fish in the pond.

The feed must be bought inside the Park (either at the entrance or at vending machines scattered along the trail) and costs 3 CHF a pack.

The Park is involved in projects to reintroduce endangered animal species.

Tierpark Goldau
Tierpark Goldau
Close encounter with a fawn tierpark goldau
Close encounter with a fawn

Informations for the visit at Tierpark Goldau

Getting there – Arth-Goldau station is a 10-minute walk from the park. Children will enjoy following the paw prints that lead directly to the Park from inside the station!

If, on the other hand, you arrive by car, there is a small parking lot near the Park or, a hundred meters away, the Migros underground parking lot (free on holidays).

Opening hours – Open daily.
April 1 – October 31: daily 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
November 1 – March 31 daily 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Ticket – Adults 22 CHF, children 6/16 years 10 CHF, families (parents + children under 16 years) 59 CHF.

How long to stay – One half-day is sufficient.

AddressGoldau Parkstrasse 40 Nature and Wildlife Park, 6410 Goldau. Tel. 041 859 06 06.

Where to eat – There is a self-service restaurant, and picnic and barbecue areas are available throughout the park.

What else to do in the Park

There are adventure play areas for children and a nice drinking fountain where in the summer season children can splash around, so we recommend bringing a costume.

⇉ On the other hand, if it has just rained, the ground gets very muddy so it’s best to go with boots.

Tierpark Goldau: visit to the wildlife park. Conclusions

We really liked this Wildlife Park because the animals are well kept and have plenty of space to move around.

The Park is located in a really lovely natural environment, inside the visit is well structured and it is easy to walk around even with strollers.

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