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Tolmin Gorge: useful info for organizing a visit


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The Tolmin Gorges are the lowest and probably the most beautiful entry point into the Triglav National Park.

Their formation is due to the erosive action of two streams, the Tolminka and the Zadlaščica, which have carved these very deep gorges over the years.

Below you will find all the information you need to best plan your visit to the Tolminka Gorges.

Where to park

There is a free parking lot number P2 at the end of Tolmin (in the direction of Tolmin – Tolmin Gorges), from where a free Shuttle Bus will take you to the entry point or a paid parking lot P1 at the entrance to the Tolmin Gorges.

We parked at P2 and then walked the approximately 1 km trail to the entrance of the Gorges.


Opening hours – 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (July and August).

Ticket – Adults 10 euros, children over 5 years old 5 euros, children under 5 years old 1 euro.

We bought tickets on the official website but if you prefer not to buy online, the ticket office is located at P2.

There are many steps so you cannot bring a stroller.

The floor can be very steep and slippery, hiking boots are almost mandatory; it is also suitable for small children, best if held by the hand.

Many queues may form especially in August, we recommend arriving on the early.

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The route

Trail inside the Tolmin Gorge
Trail inside the Tolmin Gorge
Hot spring tolmin gorges
Hot spring

The Tolmin Gorges can be visited via a loop trail of about 2km to walk. We spent a couple of hours there.

The start of the trail is along a downhill path, surrounded by vegetation, that leads to the bridge where you can watch the flow of the Tolminka River. From the bridge we turn left, continue along the Tolminka River, and through the narrow tunnel to the small horizontal cave under the Devil’s Bridge.

Here there is a hot spring that is inaccessible to the public; you can only observe it from a few observation points. Be careful because many queues form.

Turning back, we find the confluence of the two rivers (Tolminka and Zadlaščica).

We then continue along a narrow path to reach Bear’s Head, a natural bridge created by placing boulders inside the rock walls.

Finally, taking the steep path and stairs, you reach Dante’s Cave.

Walking downhill to the parking lot, one observes the last attraction: the Devil’s Bridge located 60 m above the Tolminka River. The view of the river below is truly impressive. From here you return to the starting point.

It is worth buying the combined ticket TOLMIN GORGES + JAVORCA, a beautiful little church commemorating the Holy Spirit that remains about a 20-minute drive from the Tolmin Gorge.

All information on the official website.



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