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Postojna Cave: visit information

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Postojna Cave is the only karst cave with a railway inside the cave, built over 140 years ago.

We were hesitant to include this visit in our itinerary since the girls were still very young, but the ride on the little train was really quite captivating (so much so that our daughter talked about it for months afterwards!) and they ended up having so much fun so we recommend this excursion to all families with children.


You leave your car in the large parking lot (for a fee) which is well marked, and after a walk of a few minutes, you enter the site area where you will find the ticket office as well as bars – restaurants – souvenir stores.

Ticket – 28.50 euro/adult, 17.10 euro/6-15 years, 1 euro/0-5 years.

We bought the ticket online at the official website to avoid the queues.

The visit takes about an hour and a half and includes a ride on the little train and a walk.

Postojna Cave: how to wear

The temperature inside the caves is about 10°C so you need to dress appropriately (the girls had sweater and jacket).

Best to wear hiking boots or boots with rubber because the floor inside the caves can be very slippery due to the melting of stalactites.

You can bring a stroller, although in our opinion it is not the most comfortable.

Interested in an organized tour? Click on the banners 👇👇👇

The route

At the entrance you are sorted according to the language in which you will be visiting and wait for the guide from the main gate, who will then take you to the small train.

The little train will take you into the tunnels and underground karst halls for a couple of kilometers, after which you get off and continue the trail on foot for one and a half kilometers. The path has several ascents and descents, be careful with children at these points because you can slip.

To return to the entrance, take the little train again, which will bring you back to the surface in a few minutes.

caves of posthumia
caves of posthumia

Who are the Proteos?

The proteus, or dragon baby, is a small amphibian estimated to have been present on our planet for 200 million years. It is thought to live up to 100 years and is able to endure very long periods of fasting (as long as a decade!).

It is fully adapted to life in the dark and feeds on shrimp, worms and snails.

The proteus can be looked for in a small aquarium placed along the path.

Where to sleep in Postojna

EkoTurizem Hudičevec – Razdrto 1, 6225 Postojna, Slovenia. This is a very nice farmhouse, equipped with an in-house restaurant and a huge garden with a trampoline, children’s games and lots of animals in their yard!

The farm stays a 10-minute drive from Postojna Cave – Book here.


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