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Mostnica Gorge: route and lunch at the refuge


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We thoroughly enjoyed this hike in the Triglav National Park.

The ‘whole trail is about 12 km long and has an elevation gain of about 300 meters. We got as far as the first hut and then ran back because it started to pour.

Mostnica Gorge: Informations

One arrives by car at Stara Fuzina. The best parking lot, from which the walk starts directly, is number 8.

Both parking (3 euros/hour) and entrance to the gorges (3 euros over 7 years old) in the summer months are charged (free after 5 pm).

It is a route that can be done safely with children; perhaps if the child is small or not so used to walking, you can walk the first section and then go back, it would be equally worth it.

In some places it can be a bit slippery and hiking boots are necessary.

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You can’t carry a stroller.

Mostnica Gorge: route and lunch at the refuge

Map at the beginning of the trail Mostica Gorge
Map at the beginning of the trail
Rock that looks like an elephant mostnica gorge
Rock that looks like an elephant

About a hundred meters from the beginning of the trail (where you park your car), you will find the little house where you pay the entrance fee.

From the Devil’s Bridge begins the actual trail that runs along the gorges and leads to the waterfalls of the same name (take the path to the left).

The first part of the trail is in the undergrowth and follows the Mostnica stream. The creek water is crystal clear and takes on different colors depending on the depth. In many places there are mini waterfalls that form small natural pools.

At one point you will come to a rock that resembles a small elephant! It is a rock carved by water whose shape precisely resembles that of an elephant.


To give you an idea of the time, it took us about half an hour to get to this point and from there an hour to get to the first hut where we stopped for lunch.

You sit at tables outside and when your order is ready they call you and you have to go inside to get it.

We enjoyed excellent soups and a very good slice of blueberry pie.

There are games for the children and a fountain with very fresh water, great for filling water bottles.

As indicated at the beginning, at one point it thundered very loudly and we had to run back but for those who wanted to continue, from there begins the second part of the trail in the Voje Valley that passes among typical peasant cottages and in about 40 minutes reaches the Mostnica waterfall.

At this point it will take another hour and a half (this is a rough indication not having walked it ourselves) to get back from the car.

Lunch at Refuge Mostina Gorge
Lunch at Refuge


It is definitely one of the most beautiful trails in the area, definitely a must do!

The whole ride is quite challenging if the child is small but not dangerous. If it has just rained it can get a little slippery.

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