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Lake Bled


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Bled is Slovenia’s most famous resort because of its beautiful emerald water lake.

We also stayed here for 2 nights.

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Lake Bled is truly breathtakingly beautiful, and the walk around its perimeter (the path is about 6 km long) is particularly interesting. It can be done easily with a stroller because it is flat and almost all paved.

Thanks to the hot springs, the water temperature in July and August is 22°C so you can go swimming if you want.

From the shore of the lake you cannot fail to notice the small Island where the Church of the Assumption is located. It is the only Slovenian island that can be reached by the typical local rowing boat, the pletna.

We decided not to rent the boat because it seemed like a tourist trap; we preferred to enjoy the view from the shore and from the top of the Ojstrica trail. In any case, the tour of the island is free; renting the pletna, on the other hand, costs 15 euros.

Once you disembark, you can stay a maximum of 40 minutes.

In addition to the lake and its Island, Bled is also home to a beautiful medieval castle perched on a rocky outcrop from which you can enjoy unparalleled views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Ojstrica: what to see, warnings for children

We loved this trek, which in more than an hour’s walk (the sign indicated half an hour) took us to an exceptional viewpoint to admire Lake Bled from above.

The trail is entirely in the woods, uphill and really very very slippery if it has just rained. We often thought of turning back so CAUTION recommended only for children used to walking and a bit older (6/7 years old) strictly with hiking boots.

Some points are equipped with chains and there is a steep ladder towards the end. It really deserves but I repeat, not recommended for small children who may get scared.

Lake Bled from Ojstrica
Lake Bled from Ojstrica
Staircase along the route Ojstrica
Staircase along the route

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Where to sleep at Lake Bled

Staying in Bled is very expensive and we did not find accommodation that satisfied us so we stayed in a two-story, very spacious apartment in Radovljica (Apartment Tjaša – book here).

PRO: definitely the lower price and the possibility of having a small garden and parking under the house.

CON: a bit of a queue to get in and out of Bled due to the huge influx of tourists in the summer time.


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